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Courtyard by Marriott Baldwin Park
14635 Baldwin Park Towne Center
Baldwin Park CA 91706
(626)962-6000   Fax: (626)962-1053
Vanessa Johnson

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Map  Member Since 2000 


Doubletree Rosemead Hotel
888 Montebello Blvd.
Rosemead CA 91770
(323)722-8800   Fax: (323)722-1775
Margaret Chang
Other Contacts: Sharon Coley, Director of Sales, Tom Kubo

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Eunice Plaza Motel
9961 E. Valley Blvd.
El Monte CA 91731
Ester Lin

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Map  Member Since 2014 


Ramada Inn & Suites
1089 Santa Anita Ave.
South El Monte CA 91733
(626)350-9588   Fax: (626)350-3849
Mayra Huerta, Event Coordinator
Other Contacts: Danielle Eng, Catering, Sonya Hernandez

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Map  Member Since 1996 

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