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Service Club

American Legion Post 261/EM ALA Unit 261
4542 N. Peck Road
El Monte CA 91732
(626)622-1786   Fax: (626)448-1984
David Siegrist, 1st Vice Commander
Other Contacts: Betty Ramos, Gilbert Ramos, Esthela Torres, President

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Map  Member Since 2010 


Civitan Club of El Monte/Arcadia
PO Box 6071
El Monte CA 91734-6071
Linda Colley, President
Other Contacts: Clay Hallopeter, President, Audrey Travis

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 Member Since 1989 


El Monte Business & Professional Women
3130 Tyler
El Monte CA 91731
Lorene Gutierrez

Map  Member Since 1988 


El Monte Women's Club
3130 Tyler Ave
El Monte CA 91731
(626)579-2261   Fax: (626)448-7984
Rita Cazaros
Other Contacts: Cathi Eredia, Lorene Gutierrez, President, Bonnie Jimmeniz, MaryJo Kolaskoski, Co-President

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Map  Member Since 2007 


Five Points/El Monte/South El Monte Rotary Club
2000 Santa Anita Ave
PO Box 3633
South El Monte CA 91733
Beverly Brown
Other Contacts: Gil DelaRosa, Ernesto Villegas, President, Eddie Zuniga

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Map  Member Since 1948 


Kiwanis Club of El Monte
P O Box 4245
El Monte CA 91734
David Bernstein
Other Contacts: Ken Alva, Rep for EM Kiwanis, Jonathan Hawes, President, Lisa Mussenden, Bill Yates, see "notes" for address

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Map  Member Since 1975 

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