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Baca, Noreen Lincoln Training Center (626)483-5390(626)442-0177 
Bachmann, George Bachmann Precision Machine Products (626)442-4052(626)442-7099 
Bagdasaryan, Milena Kids Dental Kare (626)582-4787(626)452-8759 
Bahan, Margo Royal Catering Co. (626)280-9780(626)280-9789 
Barajas, Alma Patricia Arroyo D.D.S. Corporation (626)279-6258(626)279-6302 
Barnese, Tom Lincoln Training Center (626)442-0621(626)442-0177 
Barney, Frank Sheldon Extinguisher Co. (626)444-8595(626)444-3660 
Barney, Linda Sheldon Extinguisher Co. (626)444-8595(626)444-3660 
Baronian, Michael Star Tire Center, Inc. (626)442-3180(626)442-8343 
Baronian, Timothy Star Tire Center, Inc. (626)442-3180(626)442-8343 
Barrera, Leo San Gabriel Valley Water Co (626)448-6183(626)448-5530 
Barrios, Anthony Union Bank/Union Bank H.S. Branch (626)434-3182(626)285-3816 
Batanian, Sam KTW, Inc. (Kings Tire Wholesale) (626)443-5464(626)448-5464 
Becerra, Ester Miss Friendly EM/SEM Pageant Association (626)534-2428 
Becerra, Jaime Foothill Transit (626)931-7239(626)967-4608 
Bell, Chiquita JM Staffing (909)599-1494(909)599-3598 
Benitez, Diego Progress Brewing (626)552-9603 
Benson, Ronnie Dearden's (213)362-9600 
Bernstein, David Hope House Inc. (626)443-1313(626)443-1134 
Bernstein, David Kiwanis Club of El Monte (626)533-3940 
Berry, Frank Blessed Rock of El Monte Senior Apartments (626)448-2688(626)448-9986 
Bhakta, Naresh San Gabriel Valley Hospitality Association (626)253-6355(626)444-1900 
Bhakta, Naresh (ND) La Bonita Motel (626)448-0886(626)448-4049 
Bhakta, Naresh (ND) Micron System (626)253-6355 
Bhullar, Kamalpreet (Laddi) 7-Eleven (626)602-6298(626)359-9798 
Bickel, Jeffrey Nuvein Foundation for Literature & the Arts (626)600-2780 
Bo, James Sunshine Education Academy (626)253-1887 
Boatman, Mark Boatman Marking, Inc. (626)350-9700(623)350-8045 
Bohlen, Nicole Ross Nissan of El Monte (626)350-8868(626)401-3357 
Bolbolian, Cecilia New York Life (909)869-0127 
Bonneau, Karen Women of the Moose (626)442-1025 
Bookkeeper, Charlene, TBE International, Inc./Tiger Tour Group (626)333-3188(626)333-3191 
Boore, Monique USA TaeKwon Do Center (626)279-9847 
Botengan, Jr., Rex Our Saviour Center (626)579-2190(626)579-2689 
Bottello, Guillermo El Pascador Bar & Grill (562)236-6753 
Bradshaw, Jenifer Olivarez Madruga, LLP (213)744-0099(213)744-0093 
Brashear, Chris Lincoln Training Center (626)442-0621(626)442-0177 
Braun, Eric Flexo-Technologies (626)444-2595(626)444-6761 
Brower, Susan Profile Display (704)545-9853(980)225-0157 
Brown, Beverly Five Points/El Monte/South El Monte Rotary Club (626)443-9451 
Brown, Beverly A. Travis & Brown (626)443-9451(626)443-8544 
Brown, Jennifer Hope House Inc. (626)443-1313(626)443-1134 
Brown, Wayne 2010 Office Furniture, Inc. (626)444-2010(626)444-2011 
Buchanan, Barbara El Monte Elementary Teachers Assocaition (626)337-7814(626)960-1114 
Bueno, Marilyn Credit Union of Southern California (626)443-6013(626)442-6145 
Bush, Jody Bush, Jody (626)444-7636(626)448-9312 
Busheri, Sheila Southern California Medical Center, Inc. (818)324-3780(626)575-1956 
Byerrum, Jim California Domestic Water Co. (562)947-3811(562)947-8843 

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