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Cadenbach, Rev. Jolene Arcadia Congregational Church UCC (626)447-8053 
Cajina, Marvin Greater El Monte Community Hospital (626)350-7920(626)582-8650 
Camalich, Pete Diana's Mexican Foods, Inc. (562)404-3098(562)404-9567 
Campos, Johnny Develing International (USA), Inc. (626)338-9718(626)337-8669 
Cao, Ella Dare to Care Wellness Center (626)279-9700 
Capitanachi, Norma Quinceanera Magazine (714)916-0134(714)882-7950 
Caponera, Lisa HealthCare Partners (626)582-7942(626)582-7990 
Caraveo, Noemi Community Health Alliance of Pasadena (CHAP) (626)486-9639(626)204-0086 
Cardenas, Karina Alliance Nursing & Rehb. Center/ Eastland Subsucte & Rehab., LLC (909)256-1547(626)444-1548 
Cardenas, Sergio Carrillo Tire and Wheels (626)442-4355 
Cardona, Trina El Monte-Rosemead Adult School (626)258-5800 
Carrier, Chris Win Hyundai of El Monte (626)534-0288 
Carrillo, Melissa El Monte Union High School District (626)258-4410(626)448-8419 
Carrillo, Rigo Clean Right Maintenance & Janitorial Service (323)216-1386(626)401-0430 
Cartwright, Jill Astro Pneumatic Tool Co. (800)221-9705(626)228-3124 
Casarotti, Rebecca Southern California Medical Center, Inc. (626)575-7500(626)575-1956 
Castaneda-Calleros, Russell Rio Hondo Community College (562)692-0921(562)699-7386 
Castillo, Laurie Daniel Cordova Plumbing (626)962-0885(626)962-0866 
Castro, Alma Alma's Closet (626)428-1659 
Castro-Salvati, Marissa Southern California Edison (310)729-7871(323)720-5208 
Cauley, David Caliber Collision (626)329-2569(626)448-6001 
Cazares, Alberto The Pizza Oven (626)571-7123(626)571-6000 
Cazares, Veronica The Pizza Oven (626)571-7123(626)571-6000 
Cazaros, Rita El Monte Women's Club (626)579-2261(626)448-7984 
Cerda, Martha State Farm El Monte (626)279-2600(626)279-2601 
Cetina, Luis Metropolitan Water District of So California (909)839-3910(213)576-5421 
Chaeng, Bryce YMCA West San Gabriel Valley (626)576-0226 
Chan, Celina Cargo Infinity USA, Inc. (626)202-1228(626)350-6700 
Chan, Irene Driftwood Dairy (626)444-9591(626)448-7649 
Chang, Alex Ampac Funding Group, INC. (626)443-1288(626)443-1283 
Chang, Margaret Doubletree Rosemead Hotel (323)722-8800(323)722-1775 
Chang, Michael Thienes Apparel, Inc. (626)575-2818(626)575-0811 
Chao, Frank Yang Ming (America) Corporation (626)782-9777(626)782-9782 
Chavarria, Pastor Richard Trinity Reformed Church (626)448-6040 
Chen, F. Cargo Infinity USA, Inc. (626)202-1228(626)350-6700 
Chen, James Prive Water (626)757-2326(626)444-0744 
Chen, Jennifer Jantek Electronics (626)350-4198(626)350-3238 
Chen, Michael Develing International (USA), Inc. (626)338-9718(626)338-9770 
Chen, Paul Chen & Fan Accountancy Corporation (626)279-1688(626)279-1888 
Chen, Robert Central Health Medicare Plan (866)314-2427 
Chen, Sherry TBE International, Inc./Tiger Tour Group (626)716-8118(626)333-3191 
Chen Zhao, Ms. Deng Ying/ Morning Bridge International Inc. (626)378-5440(626)403-9629 
Cheng, Frankey Palermo Pizza (626)443-3036 
Cheng, Gavin Ampac Funding Group, INC. (626)443-1288(626)443-1283 
Cherry, Robin Alliance Nursing & Rehb. Center/ Eastland Subsucte & Rehab., LLC (626)444-2535(626)444-1548 
Chiang, Tim Wintan, Inc. (626)350-0515(626)350-8065 
Chiappatti Athens  
Chiappetta, Dennis Athens Services Co. (626)336-3636(626)369-4754 
Chin, Margaret Jolly Jug Restaurant (626)444-8425(626)448-7015 
Chin, Robert International Singing & Dancing Association USA (626)589-4398 
Chinn, Pete Jolly Jug Restaurant (626)444-8425(626)448-7015 
Choi, Kyung H. Tyler Dental Care (626)443-7922(161)443-7926 
Chou, Sandy California Institute of Advanced Management (626)350-1500(626)350-1515 
Chu, Fleming Grand Central Cafe (626)542-3298 
Chui, David Very Fine Dance Shoes (626)575-8801 
Chung, David Health One Pharmaceutical, Inc. (626)279-9699(626)279-9799 
Ciebiera, Craig Citizens Business Bank (626)442-4470(626)444-2763 
Clark, Dick Vacco Industries (626)450-6472(626)450-6486 
Clouse, Gary Valley Community Church (626)443-3063(626)443-1210 
Coffie, Tim Irwin, Coffie & Linn, CPAs (626)442-4814(626)442-2843 
Cohen, William California Institute of Advanced Management (626)350-1500(626)350-1515 
Colerus, Teresa DeWitt Petroleum (626)444-2691(626)350-8042 
Coley, Sharon Doubletree Rosemead Hotel (323)201-3461(323)722-1775 
Colley, Linda Civitan Club of El Monte/Arcadia (626)791-3967 
Colon, Michele Dr. Michele S. Colon, DPM, MS (626)442-1223(626)442-0439 
Colvin, Robert Sax For All Ocassions (626)755-0830 
Conner, Joe JWC Development Systems (626)664-2958(714)540-5875 
Conner, Meladee Time Warner Cable Business Class (562)677-0672 
Contreras, Yolanda Flo's Coffee Shop (626)443-3156 
Cook, David SEL Homes, LLC (626)455-0793(626)338-2564 
Cook, Robert Thomas Arcadia Congregational Church UCC (626)232-2760 
Cooper, Steve Rio Hondo Community Development Corp. (626)401-2784(626)401-2778 
Cop, Dana At & T (213)422-0622 
Copeland, Caroline The Gill Corporation (626)443-6094(626)350-5880 
Cordoso, Mary City of South El Monte (626)579-6540(626)579-2107 
Cordova, Daniel Daniel Cordova Plumbing (626)962-0885(626)962-0866 
Cortez, Carlos Cortez Tire Service (626)242-4944 
Cortez, Eli Nationwide Cost Recovery Services (909)800-8918(909)752-3163 
Cortez, Nef (Neftali) Nationwide Cost Recovery Services (909)762-8135(909)752-3163 
Costa, Alberto The Figueroa Law Group (626)672-0149 
Cox, Jenny Trinity Youth Services (626)826-0145(626)444-7990 
Cox, Jenny Trinity Reformed Church (626)826-0145 
Cox, Mike Trinity Youth Services (626)862-7430(626)444-7990 
Cox, Mike Trinity Reformed Church (626)862-7430 
Craven, David Valley Jewelry & Loan Co. (626)444-7296 
Craven, Lori Brown's Jewelry & Loan Co. (626)497-4334(626)280-3354 
Craven, Mike Valley Jewelry & Loan Co. (626)444-7296 
Creations, EKG EKG Creations (626)315-7040 
Crippen, Donna El Monte Historical Society (626)443-1941(626)444-8142 
Crippen, Sheila City of El Monte (626)580-2015(626)453-3612 
Cruz, Rita Telscape (626)688-6781 
Cruz, Robert Sam's Club (626)274-8334(626)652-6914 
Cuevas, Georgia El Monte Convalescent Hospital (626)442-1500(626)442-2047 
Cumbie, Jim Vacco Industries (626)443-7121(626)450-6486 
Cusato-Gallegos, Nancy MadeGoods (626)333-1177(626)628-3115 
Cutler, Marie Gilmore Liquid Air Co. (626)443-1361(626)443-1317 

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