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LaDrig, Emily Office Depot (313)596-0328 
Lai, Georgiana Kar Wing Trading Co. Inc. (626)350-8138(626)350-0440 
Laite, Michelle Boy Scouts of America, SGV Council (323)804-7118(626)351-9149 
Lam, Di Dr My Linh Lam, O.D. Inc (626)444-0369 
Langosh, Pete International Medication Systems, Ltd. (626)459-5541(626)443-2481 
Lanier, Dr. Jerry Kids Dental Kare (323)461-9942(626)452-8759 
Lapatkova, Anna Hitomi Dentistry (626)443-5900(626)443-2674 
Laspesa, Mariela City of El Monte (626)580-2001(626)453-3612 
Lawrence, John Lawrence Equipment (702)499-6622(626)350-5181 
Lazo, Rose Arroyo High School Band Boosters (626)444-2442 
Le, Mike U. S. HealthWorks Medical Group (626)274-5168(626)407-0311 
Ledford, Ray FB Socal 5, LLC dba Fatburger (626)453-8853(626)453-8824 
Lee, Afredo First 5 LA/Best Start (213)482-7800(213)482-5552 
Lee, Elisa Lead (USA) Global Ingredients, Inc. (626)307-2863(626)307-2851 
Lee, Helen Morning Bridge International Inc. (626)403-9725(626)403-9629 
Lee, Julian Regan Career Institue (626)455-0312(626)455-0316 
Lee, Kyle WABA Grill (626)575-9222(626)575-9223 
Leifi, Alofa Kellwood Company (626)934-4147 
Lemus, Erika TKS Wireless DBA Cricket Wireless (626)454-2443 
Levine, Ozzie Ted Levine Drum Co. (626)579-1084(626)579-9176 
Li, Tiffany DF International, Inc. (626)573-9822(626)573-9812 
Li, Yan ABC International Trade, USA Corp. (626)675-0988 
Liang, Jean Dare to Care Wellness Center (626)279-9700 
Liebman, Ken American Medical Response (661)810-7635(626)633-4631 
Lieng, Kieu Crown Care Pharmacy and Medical Supplies (626)696-0521(626)442-8840 
Lim, Elizabeth Restaurant Products Guild Inc. (626)246-0788(626)246-0789 
Lin, Ester Eunice Plaza Motel (626)448-1688 
Liu, Amy Lead (USA) Global Ingredients, Inc. (626)307-2863(626)307-2851 
Longoria, Joe Georg Fischer Signet, LLC (626)248-5231(626)573-2057 
Lopez, Jazmin 3L Fleet Services (626)536-3843 
Lopez, Jesse Los Angeles County Office of Education (626)579-1224(626)469-4225 
Lords, Trevor Ramona Nursing & Rehabilitation Center (626)456-2344(626)444-9884 
Loth, David Liberty West / Pacific West Mgmt. (818)995-7965(818)995-8092 
Lowry, Ben El Monte Police Officers' Association (626)422-7474 
Lozano, Anna Flexo-Technologies (626)444-2595(626)444-6761 
Lu, David YK America Group, Inc. (626)444-6668(626)444-6698 
Lu, Jade DM Investment Management (626)407-3030 
Lu, Jane BRIDGES, INC (626)350-5304(626)350-0756 
Lu, Paul YK America Group, Inc. (626)444-6668(626)444-6698 
Lucchino, Krista Caliber Collision (626)442-8776(626)448-6001 
Lui, Frank Hill View Pharmaceuticals, Inc (626)279-6819(626)279-6191 
Lun, Max Luxury Housing Management (213)265-8830 
Lyall, Cari California Institute of Advanced Management (626)350-1500(626)350-1515 

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