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Ma, Arnold Tre Polymer inc (626)448-8804(626)448-8810 
Ma, Eric Tre Polymer inc (626)448-8804(626)448-8810 
Ma, Michael Artybright Group, Inc (626)757-9559 
Machock, Shelly Our Saviour Center (626)579-2190(626)579-2689 
Macias, Jose My RB Group Inc. (626)442-4400(626)442-4405 
Macias, Norma City of El Monte (626)580-2001(626)453-3612 
Macias, Ross Carrillo Tire and Wheels (626)442-4355 
Mack, Marcus Boy Scouts of America, SGV Council (323)804-7118(626)351-9149 
Madison, Miles Atlas Dental Care (626)444-2605 
Magana, Samuel Diana's Mexican Foods, Inc. (562)404-3098(562)404-9567 
Mailander, Virginia Gilmore Liquid Air Co. (626)443-1361(626)443-1317 
Mancha, Manny City of South El Monte (626)579-6540(626)579-2107 
Mancilla, Juan AltaMed Health Services (323)516-3350(323)278-4255 
Manriquez, Mindy Kids Dental Kare (323)461-9942(626)452-8759 
Manzur, Jorge The Dream House (323)712-0863(626)575-1212 
Martinez, Deborah (Debbie) Shield of Faith Christian School (626)453-0338 
Martinez, Hector Martinez Upholstery (626)448-5210(626)448-5236 
Martinez, Matthew WABA Grill (562)908-9222(626)575-9223 
Martinez, Pasty Farmers Insurance/Larry Pace Agency (877)251-0449(909)586-6917 
Martinez, Ramon Martinez Upholstery (626)230-3561(626)448-5236 
Martinez, Vicky Miss Friendly EM/SEM Pageant Association (626)539-5119 
Martinez, Victoria City of El Monte (626)539-5119(626)453-3612 
Maselli, Roxana SPIRITT Family Services (909)912-4362(626)448-3425 
Massaro, Joe Arroyo High School Band Boosters (626)444-9201 
Mastro, Vicki Ettie Lee Youth & Family Services (626)960-4861(626)337-2621 
Mayor, Caesar Credit Union of Southern California (909)896-0473(626)442-6145 
Mc Coy, Vickey Longo Lexus (626)580-6000 
Mc Nulty, John Shakey's Pizza Parlor (626)350-4411(626)444-2523 
McCarty, Chris Longo Lexus (626)580-6000 
McElwain, David Los Angeles County Office of Education (909)297-6922(626)469-4225 
McKenrick, Mary Athens Services Co. (626)626-9344(626)369-4754 
Meier, Jr., Art Art's Burgers (626)230-9886 
Meister, Daniel Freddie Macs Inc. (626)443-4141(626)444-6704 
Member, New Mixer Cash  
Mendez, Theresa City of El Monte (626)807-0496(626)453-3612 
Mendo, Oscar Family Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning (626)672-0039 
Menendez, Maria Allure Dental Arts (626)246-1200(626)246-1206 
Mercado, Dianna emCLP (El Monte Coalition of Latino Professionals) (909)770-3041 
Mercado, Dianna El Monte Promise Foundation (626)782-2753 
Mercado, Juan New Cemco Strength Equipment, Inc. (626)443-3596(626)443-3022 
Metri, Nash Aladdin's Kitchen Restuarant (626)731-0412(626)350-5740 
Michael, MJ Starbucks (626)258-2931 
Michelson, Craig American Society of Military History (626)442-1776(626)443-1776 
Michelson, Donald American Society of Military History (626)442-1776(626)443-1776 
Miller, Cathy Georg Fischer Signet, LLC (626)248-5234(626)573-2057 
Millett, Thomas Millett, Tom (626)428-0712 
Minon, Louis Tito's Market-Authentic South American Food (626)579-1893(626)579-0160 
Mion, John Tito's Market-Authentic South American Food (626)579-1893(626)579-0160 
Molina, Maria Taco Room (626)280-8855(626)209-8319 
Montes, Rachel Montes, Rachel (626)377-7730 
Montiel, Fabiola First 5 LA/Best Start (213)482-7825(213)482-5552 
Morales, Ernesto Rose Hills Memorial Park & Mortuary (562)463-4553(562)576-1533 
Morales, Jackie Knight's Cheerleader Booster Club (626)780-7963(626)452-9306 
Moreno, Orell Union Bank (626)350-3728(626)279-1357 
Moreno, Paulette City of El Monte (626)580-2001(626)453-3612 
Moseley, Clarke Mid Valley News (626)315-0516(626)443-2245 
Moulton, Truth Twin Palms Recovery Center (626)443-4008(626)443-1059 
Moutalvan, Carmen Club Cubano del Valle San Gabriel (951)255-4551 
Moya, Raul El Monte Jewelers (909)428-3651(626)279-6266 
Mu, Andy El Monte Education Center (626)448-2818(626)444-5940 
Mullis, Sue Vacco Industries (626)450-6417(626)450-6486 
Munoz, Wendy C.B.M. Towing Inc. (626)246-8169(626)433-1000 
Murguia, Sal Los Angeles Federal Credit Union (877)695-2328(818)242-9518 
Muse, Teri Waste Management (626)646-4712(626)814-1955 
Mussenden, Lisa Kiwanis Club of El Monte (626)533-3940 

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