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Valencia, Patricia Miss Friendly EM/SEM Pageant Association (626)486-5027 
Vanderwater, Mariane Yang Ming (America) Corporation (626)782-9755(626)782-9782 
Varela, Alice Support Kids In Progress (SKIP) (562)881-6573 
Vasquez, Jennifer City of South El Monte (626)579-6540(626)579-2107 
Vasquez-Reyes, Gabe Our Saviour Center (626)579-2190(626)579-2689 
Velasco, Henry Velasco, Henry (626)233-4256(626)448-5451 
Velasco, Jerry City of El Monte (626)580-2001(626)453-3612 
Venegas, Melissa Family Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning (626)672-0039 
Vidal, Cybil A. BRIDGES, INC (626)350-5304(909)623-0455 
Villegas, Bertha Villegas Realty (626)443-2888(626)443-2938 
Villegas, Erika The Dream House (626)454-1212(626)575-1212 
Villegas, Ernesto Five Points/El Monte/South El Monte Rotary Club (626)443-9451 
Villegas, Ernesto B. Villegas Realty (626)533-5000(626)443-2938 
Villegas, Vanessa Villegas Realty (626)443-2888(626)443-2938 
Vora, Raj American Reclamation Inc (323)245-0125(818)552-4082 

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