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Wade, Debbie Rio Hondo Community College (562)692-0921(562)699-7386 
Wang, Ching Yun New Stark Industrial, Inc. (626)452-9611(626)452-1703 
Wang, Brenda Blessed Rock of El Monte Senior Apartments (626)448-2688(626)448-9986 
Wayne, Bob El Monte/South El Monte Meals on Wheels (626)447-9126 
Weakley, Steven Vons Credit Union (626)444-1972(626)350-5850 
Wee, Esther Cathay Bank (626)279-3832(626)279-3839 
Weldon, Ken Weldon, Ken (626)705-1893 
Weldon, Ken Wayne C. Clayton Foundation (626)705-1893 
Weldon, Sue El Monte City School District (626)459-3798(626)442-2558 
Wendel, Christine Georg Fischer Signet, LLC (626)248-5231(626)573-2057 
White, Janice Wiggins Savannah Memorial Park (626)443-8325(626)443-8325 
Wieland, Greg Vacco Industries (626)443-7121(626)450-6486 
Wijaya, Sweety Optics Laboratory, Inc (626)350-1926(626)350-1104 
Wijaya, Sweety Madinear, Inc. (626)443-9243(626)350-1104 
Wild, Lorraine Brown's Jewelry & Loan Co. (626)280-0440(626)280-3354 
Wilson, John Print & Mail Concepts (626)444-5293(626)444-5393 
Wilson, Ricky Print & Mail Concepts (626)444-5293(626)444-5393 
Wong, Jim Dare to Care Wellness Center (626)279-9700 
Wong, Kelvin 888 Food Company (626)443-9888(626)579-2111 
Wong, Kenny Yatari Express Intl. Inc (626)338-8885(626)338-8887 
Wukmir, Vivian James Wukmir Co, Inc. DBA Wukmir Heating & Air Conditioning (626)442-2148(626)442-4744 

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